Student Achivements

    The Institute conducts a number of contests and competitions to foster a spirit of competitiveness among the students. The students are encouraged to participate in the well-known tech-fests and cultural fests in the country. The students have been consistently participating in such contests in large numbers and have been winning these contests.

    • Texas Instruments India Analog Maker Challenge-2015
      Soumya Ranjan Sahoo, Ashok Vamsidhar Panda, Devasish Sahoo and Chhotrai Soren won the competition and were awarded with eZ430- Chronous Development Watch and a TI Certificate.
    • Google Summer of Code 2015
      Aroonav Mishra worked with Mark Kretschmann and Mamarok in the Google Summer of Code-15 under the organisation KDE on the project titled, “Porting of Amarok to Qt5/KF5”.
    • Google Summer of Code 2014
      • Asish Panda worked with Albert Shih, David PS, and Steven Christi in the Google Summer of Code-14 under the organisation Python Software Foundation (SunPy) on the project titled, “Re-Implementation of SunPy WCS as SunPy co-ordinates using Astropy”.
      • Subhashish Pradhan worked with Albert Samuel Thibault in the Google Summer of Code-14 under the organisation GNU Project (GNU Hurd) on the project titled, “Porting Valgrind to GNU Hurd”.
      • Anirudha Bose worked with Vassil Georgiev Vassilev in the Google Summer of Code-14 under the organisation CERN on the project of creating a platform-independent tool for continuous integration and packaging of Cling, based on LLVM and Clang
    • Mentoring of Engineering Student by INAE Fellow
      2013 batch ETC branch students ( Swastik Mohapatra, Sidhanta Mohanty, Satya Narayana Dash and Prasant Swain) have presented a paper in Springer International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Information, Raipur. This paper( ICACNI-238) has been awarded as the best paper in Advances in Images and Video Coding session.
    • Best Paper Award in ICACNI-13
      Gourab Chowdhury worked as a research fellow under the prestigious, "Mentoring of Engineering Students by INAE Fellows 2015" programme. He was among the 38 students who were selected from all over India to work on research projects during the summer of 2015. He has worked on, "Gene Selection and Evaluation in Microarray Datasets using Natural Computing" at the Machine Intelligence Unit, ISI Kolkata under IEEE fellow Prof Sushmita Mitra.
    • Google Summer of Code 2013
      2016 batch B-Tech Computer Science student Anirudha Bose worked with Michael Goffioul to remove the dependency and improve the binary packaging to install OCTAVE on Windows or Mac OS X in this Google Summer of Code.
    • SOA Quiz Wiz
      2015 and 2016 batch students Akash Choudhury and Satwik Raut won the 'SOA Quiz Wiz', a national-level quiz competition among undergraduate students, at the SOA University here on Sunday.A large number of teams, from the State and outside, participated in the gruelling contest of which six teams survived the preliminary round to qualify for the final.
    • GIMP Contest in IIT Madras
      2013 batch students Punyashlok Dash and Prateek Roy made us proud when they beat students from all over India in GIMP contest by IIT Madras.
    • TITE Annual State-level Debate
      2016 batch B.Tech Computer Science student Snehasis Misra bagged the first prize in the Annual State-level Debate Competition conducted by TempleCity Institute of Technology & Engineering (TITE), Bhubaneswar
    • ARIFIN Aptitude Marathon
      2014 batch students Debdutta Behura (EEE), Abhijit Routray (IT) and Sanket Patnaik (CSE) proved their quick mettle and spark by bagging prizes at the Aptitude Marathon conducted by ARIFIN, Bhubaneswar.
    • IMS Speed Math Competition
      2013 batch students Aditya Pinaki Nayak and Bishnu Patra proved their quick mettle and spark by bagging the prize at the speed maths competition conducted by IMS India.
    • Robotics accolades
      The robotics creed of IIIT-Bh brought a lot of fame by their excellent performance in the inter college technological festivals.
    • B-Plan Competition at GITA
      2014 batch students Bishal Kumar Sharma, Ira Mohanty and Srinath Satpathy presented their start-up idea Kaleidoscope Technology (which deals in Home-security, house-automation, lighting system) in the,Maniax, held at GITA, Bhubaneswar and won the first prize in the competition.
    • BPUT Debate
      2013 batch student Ankit Anupam, bagged the first prize third time in a row at the state level debate competition conducted by BPUT.